Homoeopathic Melatonin & Linux Crisis

I usually import melatonin from the US so that I don’t need a prescription. I figured I’d try going to a local chemist. They tried to sell me a homoeopathic version claiming it definitely had melatonin. I asked how many mg per capsule and they didn’t know. Don’t trust your local chemist! (I ended up going on-line and buying bulk.)

This is my first post from within Xubuntu. I tried Ubuntu but Gnome 3 is unbearable. Then I tried Linux Mint 12 RC, but it had too many bugs (I didn’t realise RC meant Release Candidate!) Then I tried Mint 11, but it had excruciatingly slow internet. Then I downloaded OpenSuse but figured I’d try Kubuntu instead. Then I discovered the latest KDE has way too many bugs. So I decided to follow Torvalds and install Xfce (Xubuntu). It’s working very well! Haven’t tried to get my oscilloscope working yet, though. It’s a shame installing Linux has to be so stressful.

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