Linux fail

After more than a year of Xubuntu I’ve switched back to Windows. The biggest problem is that it’s impossible to smoothly play an album. That is, you might always have a skip in the music from one song to the next, even when using a “cross-fade”. I recently listened to Pink Floyd’s The Wall for the first time, and I seemed to get a mild cardiac arrest at every transition between the songs! It cut me every time. I tried every media player under Kubuntu, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, etc. None of them play music properly.

One thing is clear: Linux distribution developers have little appreciation for music. If I were designing a home operating system, almost the first thing I would make sure of is that music can be played properly! Hell, I’d rather a console-based system that plays music properly over what Linux currently is. Microsoft solved this problem decades ago.

The Linux guys can be morons. This one time in 2008 I was jointly tutoring a Matlab programming class with Ivan Miljenovic as part of an introductory maths subject. After I explained some maths on the board he interrupted me and proceeded to tell the whole class I was completely wrong and showed them his method, which was nonsense! The students mostly used my method. I’m guessing I would have to pay him to get an apology.

There are many more technical problems. It took me a long time to work out how to get my wireless working without inconsistent and long ping times. The solution was some obscure power-saving disabling command. Even now, though, under optimal conditions Firefox in Windows 7 loads pages noticeably faster than in Ubuntu.

Of-course, the whole time I also had a Windows XP virtual machine for when I need to do tax, practice with my RC for my RC planes, use my oscilloscope, print, etc. But the music issue was the last straw.