How not to smoke meth

Sisa is the re-branding of meth that Greek drug dealers are pushing, to avoid the meth stigma. Evidence from Greek police is here.

Aside: They interview another Konstantinos! (Who’s been snorting way too much.) The name is from the old emperor Constantine, founder of the Byzantine empire, and the first to decree religious freedom in ancient Rome. He also coined the solidus – one of Europe’s main currencies for centuries.

I don’t like his smoking technique. Firstly, he could burn some of the crystal holding the flame so close. It shouldn’t boil or get darkened. Secondly, the flame is enveloping the bowl, which means carbon monoxide, butane and its disgusting additives may be entering the hole, which is bad. A pipe open at both ends with a plug in the hole, may help avoid direct poisoning. The only air inhaled via the pipe comes through the little hole. Thirdly, the outside of the bowl may be scorched, which is difficult to clean.

Properly smoked quality meth should not, in and of itself, cause the aggression and lapse in memory seen in the video – I think that may have been CO/butane poisoning. I’d be aggressive too if I just poisoned myself with lighter fluid. Butane additives can be smelled when smoking like in the video. One effect is asphyxia, which feels like browning out after you stand up with low blood pressure.

There’s a debate as to whether or not to hold in the vapour until it’s invisible. Some say it’s worse for your lungs, which is true. But premature exhalation is inefficient. Secondly, the second-hand smoke may affect the area. It’s different to smoking cigarettes, which have more impurities (smoking meth is not technically “smoking”). It can be detected in saliva.

Some good lighters are less than a dollar, have a control knob for flame size, and use piezo-ignition. Accurate scales, micro-scoops, baggies and empty capsules are available on eBay. A meth pipe has a bowl somewhere along it, which has a loading hole. A pipe open at both ends helps with airflow and is safer. Tooth picks can be used to clean the pipe before each session, and ear plugs can be used to plug the hole after loading the bowl. Regular BiC lighters are too powerful for pipes which have thin glass, but are good for thicker pipes. Gil are okay.

The physics of it is interesting. At a given temperature, the liquefied meth needs a certain vapour pressure to be in dynamic equilibrium. This means the liquid vaporises due to local energy fluctuations and the drop in vapour pressure from sucking. Do not boil the meth! The system should warm under equilibrium conditions, or else you will continually have to inhale burnt meth, which is worse for your lungs. The surface of liquid meth can burn; it may be colloquially known as “burnt crap”. Rocking the pipe and moving the lighter helps distribute the heat evenly and deliver a stronger hit. Don’t inhale until vapour is seen.

I think smoking is more addictive than snorting, as snorting is disgusting and damages nostrils. The subjective experience can be different depending on the ROA (route of administration). Smoking does not seem to cause any statistically significant increase in tooth decay over snorting (IV users are the worst). Nonetheless, keep tooth-vapour contact minimal. It can also damage your tongue.

IV users often describe a strong rush. With smoking, the rush from a cigarette is stronger (I struggle to walk straight after smoking tobacco, which is an under-rated drug). Nicotine can be more addictive than heroin. Amphetamine seems only slightly more “addictive” than cannabis. Alcohol may be “worse”.

Bio-availability is about 60% eaten, 80% snorted and 90% smoked. However these figures are a bit misleading. If too much is snorted, there’s a lot of mucous and it hurts so bad it can make you cry out of one eye. Beginners may burn the crystal, not to mention how much re-crystallises all over the pipe. Don’t underestimate remaining residue. The oral route can be unpredictable.

Regular amphetamine is about a third the price and the dealers can be nicer. However it  can’t be smoked. Good meth can often be obtained for less than $150/g. There’s a bath salt mimic, MDPV, which is effectively about ten times cheaper. Drug dealers sometimes give it to people under the guise of “diet pills” with unknown but effective ingredients, which has landed some in the ER with doctors unable to determine the poison.

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  1. This article answered some questions I had, thanks for all the info. Hate those articles that you think will be informative and then turn out to be yet another “drugs are dumb, don’t do them” missive. Just want all the info, good and bad, and I will make the decision whether to do them or not myself. I’m an adult, I can do that lol.

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